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Created by Candescence

Literally only a month in the making so far, Digimon World Legends is a new Digimon fan-game RPG, attempting to emulate the style of the Digimon World DS games. While the demo itself isn't really by any means elegant, and quite a lot is somewhat clunky visually, I tried to get the gameplay to be as functional as can be.


In a universe where Digimon are only known to humans in fiction, Keith Windslow is a teenage programmer living in Sydney, Australia. One day, he's sucked into the Digital World, meets his partner, a Renamon named Vix... The typical Digimon adventure, right?

Not quite.

Likewise, to Digimon, humans are also myth. They have a human-like society, a human-like city... And what's more, Keith discovers he can fight on his own, using 'Item Cards' and 'Effect Cards', combining the two types of cards together to form physical objects that allow him to combat Digimon on their own terms. And the fighting starts, when a Devimon tries to make his way to the Human World...


The gameplay is simple. For controls, this is all you will need:

Movement: Arrow Keys
Interact: Z
Back: X
Start: Enter

Interact with objects on the overworld. When random encounters appear, use Z and X to go through the menus -

* Fight - select an attack, and if the current party member has enough MP for it, select the place on the field where the enemy is, and strike.
* Move - move to another place on the field... Kinda pointless right now, to be honest.
* Item - exactly what it says on the tin.
* Run - Does nothing right now. Not that you'll need to run...

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the demo, and let me know what you think via the SFGHQ forums!

Demo Download:

Download Link


* Digimon is owned by Namco-Bandai
* The forest map tiles are from the Community Tileset, from the following contributors -
  • qubodup
  • Bart K.
  • Blarumyrran
* The forest music is from Chrono Trigger, owned by Square-Enix.
* The battle music is from Persona 4, owned by Atlus.
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