SAGE 2010

Created by Candescence


The Clock Tower level is now done and ready to play! Be warned, it's kinda Nintendo Hard, and intentionally so. The Medusa Heads are still the most annoying little bastards ever. As well, Sonic is now able to perform the Spin-Dash. Just download from the same link as before! Enjoy!


Last year, my booth at SAGE was Aria of Destiny, a crossover fan-game. However, I haven't made much progress since then, more or less scrapping the entire engine as it is and re-doing it. And I've finally managed to make a somewhat satisfactory Sonic-style engine in Construct that doesn't rely on copious amounts of math, or a direct copy of Sonic Worlds. It's very rough, but compared to previous versions, it's a fine bloody piece of work, so I'm gonna show it anyway.

In case you were wondering where the old stuff went, here's the AoD dev blog, with the old demo, just so newcomers can get an idea of what it's about.

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Control to do everything else.

And here's the current version of the engine, "Sonic Construct Worlds".

It's not much, but... I had to patch nearly everything together so close to the deadline. I hope you enjoy it, anyway.

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